Hydreaux Graphics - Customized Surface Printing

The Process

Water transfer imaging or printing, also called curve coating printing, is a way to customize the look on a surface that is not flat. The process can be applied to many materials such as hardware, wood, plastic, stone, bakelite, ceramic and more. This unique process allows you to create a very individualized look for your vehicle, ice chest, gun, etc.

The Hydreaux Graphics Water Transfer Imaging Process

  1. Film Selection
    Choose from over 1,000 stock printing films, or we can produce an individual printable image made from a sample pattern or photograph. (Please note: Custom images will incur a film development charge and a require minimum film order.)
  2. Base Painting
    When applicable we will start with a base paint in an appropriate color (i.e. grey base coat used for parts which will be printed in a brushed aluminum).
  3. Film Prep
    The printing film enters the water surface of the dipping unit. The exterior carrier for the pattern dissolves leaving only the desired pattern floating on the water.
  4. Activation
    The floating image is treated with a special activating liquid which dissolves the components in the pattern’s colors without affecting its structure and appearance.
  5. Transfer
    Your product is then immersed in the floating layer of liquefied pattern. The pressure of the water then causes the pattern to smooth itself evenly around the object in all places and adhere to it. The result is a stunning product completely covered in your chosen.
  6. Wash & Dry
    The newly printed items are washed to remove any film residue and allowed to completely dry.
  7. Clear Coat
    Upon a quality control inspection, the printed objects can be clear coated with a matte to high gloss finish to protect the new pattern.

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